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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Manila Ocean Park: Enriching Adventure

Last December, my family got to visit the Manila Ocean Park.  If you're wondering why we didn't go and check it out sooner despite the short distance, we opted to wait until all the attractions are complete.

Sea Lion Show
sea lion show
Sea Lion Show (150 php)
Upon arrival, we fell in line to watch the Sea Lion Show.  It started on time.  It's a bit weird though that you could see other kids swimming on the pool just beside it.  Anyways, the sea lions were brilliant.  They could do a lot of skills and in a really cute and adorable way.

Marine Life Habitat (150 php)
The Marine Life Habitat is a show by the same sea lions.  When we entered there were no sea lions to see though as they were all hiding inside the pool resting.

Jellies (150 php)
The Jellies are wonderful creatures that I can never grow tired of watching.  This is one of my favorite Manila Ocean Park attractions.

Oceanarium (400 php)









Shark Eggs =D

The Oceanarium is the highlight of Manila Ocean Park. There are countless of huge aquariums filled with fishes and sharks including the water tunnel.  

The Fish Spa (120 php)
The Fish Spa looked a bit unhygienic because everyone had to dip their feet in the same large pool with tiles that have dark grout.  But, the water seemed clean if not for the fish poop.

Shark Encounter
shark encounter
Shark Encounter 
Among all the attractions, the Shark Encounter was empty during our visit.  So, it didn't entice me to try it out too.

Musical Fountain Show
musical fountain show
Musical Fountain Show (300 php)
musical fountain show
The Musical Fountain Show is my must watch show!  Upon giving our ticket, we were provided with a rain coat.  The entire area was being splashed with water during the entire show.  It was fun!  There were mascots and music which made it entirely entertaining.  

Trails to Antartica
We wanted to try the Trails to Antartica but the line was so long and they only catered the presold package tickets so we missed it.

Overall, the Manila Ocean Park is worth the visit.  It's very entertaining and educational for both adults and kids alike.  

Manila Ocean Park Manila Ocean Park Map
Price Per Person 150-1,000
Payment Options Cash
Business Hours 10am-8:30 pm
Reservation Required No but suggested
Contact 567-7777 loc. 118, 119 & 123
Other Email:
Manila Bay Behind Quirino Grandstand
Manila, Metro Manila
Transportation to Attraction
Taxi, Jeepney 

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