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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pugad: Pugo Adventure at Pugo La Union

After watching about Pugad Pugo Adventure on TV, I've been yearning to check it out.  So when we Travel Tripsters decided to head north, I sneaked it in our itinerary.

pugad pugo adventure
Since the place is new, we couldn't find any commuting guide from the internet.  We had no idea how to go there so we just asked around.  Luckily, the locals know how to get there and the bus dropped us off at exactly the right place.  

pugad pugo adventure
As soon as we entered, we saw this huge wall that indicates all the activities available.  I was so excited!  As we walked further, we saw a sign indicating the the actual Pugad Pugo Adventure is 1 kilometers away.  Of course, I did not let that lower my spirits.  We gladly walked while hearing gun shots from the distance.  

pugad pugo adventure
Finally, we reached the registration area.  It is also were the parking area is.  We were given a pamphlet with all the activities available and with their appropriate pricing.  Since I loved ziplines, I quickly viewed the details of each zipline route they had available.  They offered three kinds of zipline experience:
  • Zip Line 1 (Superman) (400 php) is the longest zipline route.  It allows you to zipline in superman form through 400-meter cables that connects two mountains. The height of this zipline is at 250 feet above the ground. 
  • Zip Line 2 (250 php) is the fastest zipline.  It allows you to go from station 2 which is near the entrance to station 3 which is the pool area and mini zoo of Pugo Adventure.  This is only 250-meters long. 
  • Zip Line 3 (250 php) is the opposite of Zip Line 2.  It allows you to go from station 3 to station 2 passing by the pool area, the bridge and the lake.  This is also only 250-meters longs.
I honestly wanted to go for all route.  They have packages available which is lower than the total cost if availed separately.   These are the packages:
  • Package 1 (1,000 php): Zip Line 1,2 and 3 + Rappeling + Wall Climbing
  • Package 2 (500 php): Zip Line 3 + Rappeling + Wall Climbing
  • Package 3 (850 php): Zip Line 1,2 and 3 

However, since we were on a backpacker and budget trip type of an arrangement, I was forced to choose only one.  Although it took me a long time to consider, I opted for Zip Line 2 since a thrill seeker like me loves speed.

Since fellow Travel Tripster Kurt is not to fond of heights, I had to choose an activity we could do together.  We initially wanted to avail the Buggy (350 php) but we were told it was not yet available.  So, we settled for the ATV (250 php per 20 mins).

I also wanted to do the Australian Run Down (250 php) but I was told I'm not wearing the appropriate foot wear.  Too bad since it looks interesting.The Giant Swing is also not yet available during our visit.  

pugad pugo adventure atv
We went back the same way we came in, until we saw the huge sign. We went uphill and saw the kids riding the ATV and having fun.  It was our first time to try an ATV so we were ecstatic.

pugad pugo adventure atv
We watched as out ATVs, were being started and prepared.  When it was ready, we were told to ride it and follow the guide.  

pugad pugo adventure atv
Kurt took this photo of me in front following the guide
It was so much fun.  We were told not to use it in full speed because our ATV might turn over or something.  But, I guess I loved how the speed went and wouldn't want to let go.  As we were signaled to return, we both felt like we wanted to ride more! =p

horse back riding
We also passed by the Horse Back Riding (350 per hour) station.  This horse is left all alone while its companions were busy accommodating customers.  

wall climb rappel zipline
After the ATV, it was my turn to go Zipline.  I was told to go up this wooden tower.  It is also the same tower for the Wall Climbing (150 php) and the Rappeling (150 php).  In front of the line is a huge family so I thought it would take forever before its my turn.  But, the family was so kind enough to let me go first.  

pugad zipline
As I buckled up, I could feel the cool breeze sweeping through my hair and across my face.  I could also see the view of Station 3 or the poolside and mini zoo area which was separated from this side by a lake.  I loved the view but it only took me a few seconds to observe because the staff gave the signal and I jumped of the ledge letting the cable lead me downward in fast speed.  I swiftly passed over the lake, the bridge, the pools and landed where I was supposed to.  Somehow I did not feel much thrill from this because it ended too quick but the experience of passing through the pools was magnificent.  

pugad pugo adventure
If I had not taken the Zipline 2, this is the way to the poolside area from the registration area and the parking lot.  

pugad pugo adventure
Upon entry, you'll see this small cafe style restaurant.  The menu is posted on the chalk board.  From what we observe, it is quite pricey which is typical for a resort or adventure park. 

pugad pugo adventure
You'll also pass by this beautiful grotto.  It's nice that they've set up something like this.  I love fountains. 

You will encounter a few Kubo and a small pool on this side before you go through the a long wooden shaky bridge that will allows you to go to the other side.  The entrance fee of 150 php for adults and 100 php for kids includes the use of pools.   The rates for kubo rentals are as follows:
Kubo CapacityRate
Small10500 php
Medium15800 php
Medium with Room10800 php
Small up and down151,000 php
Up and Down251,500 php
Tree House302,000 php
Rock House302,000 php
Long Kubo503,000 php
Long Kubo Up and Down704,000 php

The bridge passes through the lake and it shakes whenever many people cross so people had the courtesy to oblige each other to take turns.  I am a afraid of heights so it was quite of a challenge for me.  But, I felt the bridge was safe because even toddlers were passing through it.  In addition, it had a lot of ropes and some nets on the side so you won't fall of.  

pugad pugo adventure
Behind this Pugad plant sign is the pool area.  There are also a couple of huts.  All of them are occupied.  The occupants are a mix crowd of locals, tourists from the city and westerners.  

pugad pugo adventure
They charge a fee from the usage of the swimming pools.  And, they strictly require the use of swim suits.  It was such a hot day and I was eager to go for a swim.  But, we didn't bring any extra clothes.  

pugad pugo adventure
Like all other public pool areas, they have a shower.  It looks like the drainage is a bit clogged though.

If I recall correctly, there were three large pools on this area.  

pugad pugo adventure
There is also a playground where little children can play.  It even has a mini wall climb.  

There is a wishing well.  There were quite a number of coins tossed in it.  I wanted to make a wish too but I didn't have any coins on me. =(

pugad pugo adventure
There is a rental store for the swimwear and other swim items.  There's also drinks and ice cream available.

There were a few roosters there where you can touch and see.  

pugad pugo adventure
They also have a cooking area where you can grill.  

pugad pugo adventure
My favorite part is the Mini Bird Zoo.  Its FREE to view too.  It had many types of birds like Black Head Ibis, Wood Ducks, Mandarin Ducks, Peacocks, Black Caped Lory, Black Lory, English Budgies, Red Wing Parrots, Red and Violet Lory, Rainbow Lory, Chattering Lory, Indian Ringneck, Red Mask Conure, Sun Conure, Gold Caped Conure, Roseifrons Conure and Green Wing Macaw.  There's also a Python and Iguanas.  

Once we were over with our activities, we thought we were going uphill again towards the entrance.  Good thing the lady from the registration saw us and told us they they can take us there for FREE.  So we got on as the only passengers and we were brought to the nearest bus stop.  It was such a nice service because it spared us so much time.  

Overall, we Travel Tripsters recommend Pugad: Pugo Adventure at Pugo, La Union as a must visit for adventurers and even for those who just want to relax and have a good swim.  We heard that they are going to offer more activities soon.  We're not surprised since it covers a wide area.  The location is pretty good because it is near Baguio City too.  It's only around 40 minutes from Baguio City.  The place is just new but I'm sure it will gain a lo more customers in the future.  We hope to come back whenever we can!

Pugad: Pugo Adventure  Pugad: Pugo Adventure  Map
Price Per Person 150-2,000
Payment Options Cash
Business Hours 8am-7pm
Reservation Required No
Contact (0917) 506-6931
Other Facebook Fan Page 
Sitio Kagaling, Palina, Pugo, La Union
Transportation to Attraction
Commute Guide
From San Fernando, La Union: Ride bus to Agoo
(50 php) and from Agoo ride bus to Baguio (40 php)
From Baguio City: Ride bus to Agoo 

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