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Friday, May 9, 2014

Magaul Bird Park at J.E.S.T Camp: Aerial Amazement with Winged Wonders Bird Show and More in Subic

A few weeks ago, I visited J.E.S.T Camp with my friends Roch and Justin.  After more more than a decade, I'm quite surprised with the development of the Subic Area.  The last time I went there was with the family in a hiking adventure with Aetas to Boton Falls so I guess that was really ancient.  I'm ecstatic to see what's in store for us J.E.S.T Camp.

jest camp
J.E.S.T Camp is an adventure park that offers activities like the Aerial Adventure (Tree Top Obstacle Course), Goliath Swing (Swing Over A Cliff), Wildlife Walk About (Jungle Trek) and Wall Climbing and Rapelling.   There's also the Jungle Surivival Demo show every 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30pm and 4:00pm.   J.E.S.T Camp also offers team building packages just inquire.

The newest attraction at J.E.S.T Camp is the Magaul Bird Park.  It is also paired with the Macaw Market where you can buy dolls and shirts for souvenirs.  And, a Bird Shop where you can buy birds.  It also has the Winged Wonders Bird Show.

jest camp
So here's thee map of the Magaul Bird Park

jest camp
Here are all the park activities, shows and schedules and their rates.

Magaul Bird Park (Day Tour 200 php)
Blue and Gold Macaw
They have a vast variety of birds.  I saw coloful macaw (Blue and Gold Macaw, Green Winged Macaw and Scarlet Macaw), lories (Red and Blue Lory, Violet-Necked Lory, Black-Capped Lory and Chattering Lory) and lorikeets (Rainbow Lorikeet).  There were also toucans (White-Throated Tucans) and hornbillls (Palawan Hornbill, Rufous Hornbill, Luzon Hornbill and Mindanao Writhed Hornbill).

magaul bird park
There are also pigeons (Pouter Pigeon, Fantail Pigeon, Rock Pigeon), Eagles (Honey Buzzard Eagle, Philippine Hawk Eagle), Brahminy Kite and Philippine Eagle owls.

magaul bird park
Peahen (Pavo Cristatus)
In the Flightless Section, there' the Peahen, Pheasants (Silver Pheasant, Golden Pheasant and Common Pheasant), Ostrich...

magaul bird park
and the HenMagual Bird Park has adequate signs so you always know where you're going and there's lot of informational boards to educate you about the origin, habitat, diet, rarity level and even fun facts about the birds.

Bird Sanctuary
magaul bird park
My favorite part is the Bird Sanctuary which had a set up like a natural paradise and birds are flying freely.  You can go close to them and even feed them.

Cuckoo Chitchat
magaul bird park
In the Cuckoo Chitchat, you can talk, feed and take photos (50 php) with your choice of birds.   Just take note of the feeding time schedule:
  • Parrot 10:30am and 2:30pm
  • Bird of Prey 4:00pm 
  • Hornbill 11:00am and 3:00pm
Butterfly Sanctuary and Insectarium
magaul bird park
There's also the butterfly sanctuary where you can see and touch butterflies and the insectarium where you can learn a lot about insects and more.

Bird Discovery
magaul bird park
The bird discovery is an air-conditioned interactive learning hall.  Through lots of their activities, you can learn more about birds.

Winged Wonders Bird Show (250 php)
magaul bird park
Every 11:00 am and 3:00pm, they have the Winged Wonders Bird Show at the Amphitheater.  For the opening of the Winged Wonders Bird Show, the General Manager Ms. Katrina Kay Lacap welcomed us and Subic Bay Chairman Roberto V. Garcia gave his congratulatory speech.  In case you're wondering, the park is named after Magaul, the bird in the Filipino creation myth who pecked the bamboo where Malakas and Maganda came from.

magaul bird park
The bird show was really an aerial amazement!  Birds where flying across the audience towards the guides back and forth.

magaul bird park
Aside from just a display of bird flight skills, we were also being educated about the birds.

magaul bird park
I've also been amazed with how Eagles flapped their wings...

magaul bird park
There was a fun relay of birds as the audience cheered for their chosen participant.  The birds were couched by Mr. Jordan Bustamante, the Operation Manager of Magaul and the other staff for the Blue and Gold Macaw.

magaul bird park
Audience are being called to participate too.

magaul bird park
I couldn't help but smile with gladness during the show finale.  There were over hundreds of birds on or above the stage.  There flightless ran while the other birds flew over the skies and some lands on the stage grounds.

magaul bird park
The show is approximately 20-30 minutes.  At the end of the show, you can also take a photo of the birds up close.

Aerial Adventure (200 php)
aerial adventure
In the Aerial Adventure, you will walk along monkey vines, crawl through barrels and cross rope bridges.  Kids can also play at the Spider Web.

Goliath Swing (200 php)
goliath swing
My Friend Justin Having Fun at the Goliath Swing
My favorite is probably the Goliath Swing.  You will be taken up really high so then release so you can swing offer the cliff in a fast velocity.

Magaul Maze Quest
magaul maze quest
Magaul Maze Quest
The Magaul Maze Quest is a giant maze where you have to find the 5 stations where Magaul is.

Low Elements
subic bay port
Before leaving J.E.S.T Camp, make sure you stop by the Low Elements and take a breath with this stunning view of Subic Bay Port.

Overall, we Travel Tripsters suggest J.E.S.T Camp and Magaul Bird Park as an addition to your Subic itinerary!

J.E.S.T Camp
Address JEST Camp, Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Olongapo, Philippines
Budget Per Person 250 php to 1,000 php J.E.S.T Camp Map
Payment Options Cash

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday:
(except for the December 24 and 31)
8:30 am- 5 pm
Reservation Required No (Encouraged)
Contact  (6347) 252-1489 |
 (632) 218-9023 (manila) | 
 (63917) 904-8777

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