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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Top 15 Food Pasalubongs to Buy in Davao City

It's quite natural for us to want to share and impart our experience to others in every way we can.  One of the best ways is through pasalubongs (souveneirs).  Before I flew to Davao, I already researched on the food pasalubongs to buy.  My friends from Davao also added to my list.

davao pasalubongs

Top 15 Food Pasalubongs to Buy in Davao City
Before we go on further, I just want to remind you that Davao is famous for Durian and my taste preference is towards Durian.  If you taste buds aren't for it, just skip the Durian suggestions. =)

15. Biscone (27 php)
Aren't there times when you want to order ice cream just for the waffle cone?  Well, Allergro Ice Cream has been making Biscone since 1952.  Biscone is your waffle cone shaped in thin round cuts.  It is sweet and buttery.  I suggest eating it with hot chocolate or coffee.  You can buy this at almost all local grocery stores in Davao CityGaisano Supermarket is one of the biggest supermarkets there with wide variety of local and imported goods.

14. Sanny Sweets' Durian Special Hopia
The Durian Special Hopia of Sanny Sweets Bakeshop is a must try!  The durian filling is flavorful, creamy and not overly sweetened.  A pack costs 38 php.  You can find Sanny Sweets Bakeshop at 26 Tionko Avenue, Davao City.  Alternatively, you can also find it at grocery stores.

13. Saging Republik's Gigingka
Gigingka is a combination of bibingka (rice cake) and banana (saging).  Each piece costs 80 php.  You can find Saging Republik at Tionko Ave. corner V. Mapa St., Davao City.

12. Mindanao Industrial Confection's Mangosteen Cube and Durian Cube
Mindanao Industrial Confection's Mangosteen Cube and Durian Cube are sweet and chewy candies.  Although the fruity flavor is not rich, it's cheap price and long expiry date makes it a good option for pasalubong.  You can buy it at most grocery store in Davao City.

11. I Love Mousse by Chef Con Yan Chocolate Cupcakes
I love mousse by chef con yan

I usually shy away from cupcakes because I find them to gloried with sugar.  But, these made to order chocolate cupcakes by I Love Mousse by Chef Con Yan is unlike any other.  I could really attest that the icing and filling is made of quality chocolate.  The chocolate flavor is rich.  And, it doesn't need sugar to mask that genuine taste.

10. Blugre Coffee Shop's Chocolate Torte
blugre coffee shop chocolate torte

Blugre Coffee Shop is not only popular for its Durian Coffee.  It's Chocolate Torte with Cream Sauce (135 php per slice) is also good.  Blugre has 9 branches in Davao City such as SM Lanang Premier, Abreeza, Gaisano Mall and SM City Davao.

9. Osvaldo's Cakes' Pomelo Lemon Pie
The Pomelo Lemon Pie is  inspired from a Key Lime Pie.  The pie has three layers, a glistening pink gelatin top, the pomelo filling and a graham crust.  The Pomelo Lemon Pie is priced at 500 php each and you have to order a minimum of 2 pies.  Osvaldo’s Cakes is located at Ground Floor, Paseo De Legaspi, Pelayo St., Poblacion District, Davao City.  Call them at (0919) 291-5007 or (0932) 428-4070.  They are open on Mondays to Saturdays 9 am-10 pm.

8. Lola Abong's Original Mangosteen Candy, Durian Candy and Durian Tarts
The Durian Tarts are quite expensive at 50 php for a pack of 5.  But, the family loved that the most.
Lola Abong's Original Mangosteen Candy and Original Durian Candy are priced at 35-40 php per pack.  The flavor is very rich.  You could tell that the fruit component is higher than its cheaper counterparts.  It also expired quicker because of that.  These can be bought at the main store in San Miguel St, Davao City.   You can also buy these at grocery stores, pasalubong centers and market places like Bangkerohan Market (10 php more expensive than from the main store).

7. Durian World's Durian Pastillas and Durian De Leche
Our of the Durian confections I brought home, Durian World's Durian De Leche got the most praise. Durian World's Durian Pastillas is also good.  Each pack costs 48 php.  They also have a long expiry date (almost a year) BUT don't trust it!  Consume it within a month.  You can buy them at Candies-Bakeshoppe located at Door #2 Elena Arcade Duterte St. Davao City or most grocery stores in Davao City.

6. Cecil Bakeshoppe's Durian Roll and Durian Pie

cecil's malvar branch
Cecil's Bakeshoppe Malvar Branch

Cecil's Bakeshoppe has over 10 branches in Davao City and was established in 1963 at their pioneer store in 198 Anda Street Davao City with contact number (082) 227-5305.   For convenience I suggest you visit their branch at Gaisano Mall near Gaisano Supermarket.

Cecil's Main Branch
 They are popular and awarded for their Durian Pie (50 php per slice).  Alternatively, you can also opt for their Durian Roll (45 php per slice) and Durian Cake (45 php per slice).  If you don't like Durian Pie, you can opt for the Egg Pie (30 php per slice) and Chicken Pie (22 php per slice).

5. Annie Pie's Cinamon Rolls

My Davao blogger friends Glenn and Ria (of Kusini Ni Maria) highly suggested Annipie's Cinnamon Rolls. Their products are sold in boxes which makes them ideal as pasalubongs.

All of this list would not have been complete if not for my Glenn Santillan (cool guy in pink polo) of IloveDavao.Com
annipie cakes
Annipie also serves cakes

Annipie is located at Malvar Street and Quimpo Boulevard in Davao City.  You can check their Facebook Fan page for more details.   Contact them at (082) 298-2986 and (082) 295-3799.

assorted bars

I wanted to order the Assorted Four in a Box (140 php) but it turns out that they were almost out of Cinnamon Rolls.  As I didn't want to go out empty-handed, I almost settled for their Assorted Bars (140 php).

annipie cinnamon
Annipie Cinnamon
 Good thing the staff mentioned that they still have some Ultimate Rolls in Cheese (55 php) and Espresso (55 php).  Their boxes comes with heating instructions.  The family loved these so much!  The bread is so soft and cottony.  The sauce is rich but with a right blend of sweetness.  Because of the lightly sweetened factor, we'd choose this over Cinnabon (which we all know is guilt in a single piece).

4. Missy Bon Bon Breadshop's Original Pastel and Durian Pastel
missy bonbon bakeshop

Missy Bon Bon Breadshop originated from Cagayan De Oro and has recently opened in Davao City.  Their store in Davao City is at lower ground floor at Gaisano Mall (just in front of the Gaisano Supermarket).   You can check their website here

original pastel
Original Pastel (90 php)

They have 3 kinds of Pastel: Original, Durian and Chocolate.  If you buy their 3-pack, you can have a discounted price of 250 php.  We normally don't like pastel because of the sweet yema filling.  But, my my Missy Bon Bons bread is so soft and the filling is so smooth and just lightly sweetened.

Durian Pastel (110 php/box)

The Durian Pastel has subtle Durian flavor.  Just enough for a Durian loving tongue but may be overwhelming for a non-Durian lover.  Expiration date is found at the bottom of the box.  It can last up to 3 months is you freeze it in the freezer.

3. Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp.'s Durian Sans Rival and Durian Cheesecake
My friends from Davao wouldn't let me leave without buying or trying Lachi's famous Durian Sans Rival and Durian Cheesecake.

2.  Fresh Pomelo and Durian
bankerohan market

My Davao Blogger friends suggested buying fresh fruits at Bankerohan Market because it is open 24 hours (we went at around 10:30 pm) and it's a lot cheaper because this is the bagsakan (first delivery point).  There were many varieties available.  You can have a free taste before you buy.  Prices as follows: Golden Fruits Class A (110 php/kilo), Nenita (50 php/kilo), Orange (40 php/kilo) and Sweet Pomelo (30 php/kilo).  I bought a 10 kilo box of the Orange and the we consumed it for a month.  It is so much cheaper than in Manila.

Update (October 2016): Was told that to make sure that there are no mixes, best to buy at Golden Fruits factory instead at 150php/kilo.

davao durian
It is said that Durian is the king of the fruits.  This is my first time to see a whole fresh durian fruit.  I just discovered that it had pockets.

We only found one store open and selling durian during our visit.  It was Dinampo Bobong Maloy Fruit Stand.  We were charged 60 php per kilo.  50 php for the take out plastic container which they sealed using the packing tape.  I took home with me 3 of the plastic container which costs around 100 php each together with the plastic container.  As we got on the van, we realized that the smell was still evident so the next day we box a styrofoam ice box from a convenient store for 220 php and some more packing tape. So if you intend to bring home some durian, better bring a styrofoam ice box with you.  The Durian is so delicious and creamy!  The family said the Durian I bought wasn't enough.  They noted that next time I should bring home 10 packs!

Tip: Some friends and family have shared bad experiences of buying the ready-packed Durian as they were not as fresh and tasty so best to have them prepared before you.

Bonus: When in season, Fresh Mangosteen fruits are also affordable to buy. (60-75 php/kilo)

1. Malagos Farm House Cheese and Chocolates
malagos cheese
Malagos Cheese
malagos chocolate
Malagos Chocolate

So this sums up our Travel Tripsters Top 15 Food Pasalubongs to Buy in Davao City.   If you have anymore to add, please leave a comment because I really intend to go back for their good and affordable food.

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