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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ruby Jar Factory: Burnayan or Pottery in Vigan Ilocos Sur

One of the must stops in Vigan Ilocos Sur is Ruby Jar FactoryBurnayan means pottery in Ilocano so the locals refer to this place as such.  Pottery was introduced to us by the Chinese settlers.  And, our pottery products were since then exported to other Asian countries.  

ruby jar factory
Ruby Jar Factory being a tourist attraction is surrounded by souvenir shops.  They sell small pots, key chains, refrigerator magnets, trinkets, key chains, wood works and more.  During peak season, you can also see a lot of tourists and kalesas parked in its vicinity.

ruby jar factory
First Step: Kneading the Clay
In 1990, Ruby Jar Factory was recognized by the National Commission for Cultures and the Arts as the National Folk Artist for his exceptional skill and ingenuity in the traditional craft of jar making.  Thus, making a significantly contribution to the conservation of cultural heritage of Vigan

Second Step: Molding using a manual wheel

Whenever they demonstrate their jar-making skills, you'd hear the crowds oohs and ahhs.  They claimed that they produce 500 jars in a day. 

Third Step: Dry then Bake
They have the clay pots which are left to be dried to prove how many they make.  You can also try making one for free.  I wasn't wearing the right attire so I was afraid to try.  But, I did try to spin the wheel and was surprised that it was heavier than it seems.  I'm guessing that its really not as easy as it looks.

Failed pottery within the Ruby Jar Factory premises

You'd see a lot of failed jars within the premises. There are also broken pots.  I guess many have tried and these are what they made.

Overall,  Ruby Jar Factory is a great place to be acquainted with the jar making process.  If you want to try it, bring extra clothes or you can also buy souvenir shirts there. 

Ruby Jar Factory
Address Junction between Gomez St. and Liberation Blvd
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Budget Per Person FREE  Ruby Jar Factory Map
Payment Options N/A

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday
(even holidays)
Reservation Required No

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