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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Maui travel tips for first timers

Now that you have decided to go to Maui congratulate yourself for taking a great decision and planning a Hawaii vacation. Maui is known for its white sandy beaches, sporting activities, and festive and colorful luaus. Make your booking well ahead of time for this beautiful Hawaiian Island. Pick from one of those wonderful homes for rent in Maui to stay at and make your stay more worthwhile. If you are wondering where to go or how to start your travel plans for Maui, read on to learn more.

When to go?
As the holidaymaker, you need to decide when you plan to holiday in Maui and what time of year, month work best for you or your family. You need to look at your work schedule. I know this is the very dreadful and tiring part but once this part is settled, the rest will just follow through.  So pick a date that fits your need for time, budget and weather.  If you want to avoid the rush and take advantage of cheaper tickets, keep your plans open for March-May and September-November in Maui when it is the off-season. Winters are attractive to those who don’t mind the cold but summers are incredible here.  Perhaps, the youth can stand the cold but I definitely recommend summers for those who prefer a warm relaxing vacation.

What to bring?
If you pack light, vacationing in Maui will be just perfect. There is no need to carry heavy sweaters and pants as the climate on the island is warm. As there is loads of sightseeing to do, bring light cotton shirts, shorts, and comfortable clothing.  Keep your face shielded from the sun with a hat and a pair of sunglasses.  If you enjoy taking photos then bring your more colorful dresses and hip shades.  As there are beaches and waterfalls to be explored, do not forget to pack a couple of swimsuits. Cycling or biking tours will need comfy clothing.  Get ready get tanned and have some fun!

Where to stay?
Maui boasts of a varied range of unique towns with micro-climates.  Some of the best areas to stay on the island include South Maui, where you can be sure to have a sunny weather.  West Maui is popular because of loads of restaurants on the water and a great shopping experience. East Maui lures holidaymakers because of lush rainforests and empty beaches. Upcountry Maui is a preferred because of the great views. You can pick from lodges, resorts, and homes for rent in Maui and enjoy the most comfortable stay that is well within your budget.

Getting around the island
 Maui is easy to get around. However, if this is your first time, it is recommended that you get a guided tour. Those who are well familiar with the island, it makes sense to get a rented car. There are All Terrain Vehicles and even motorcycles available for hire. The first-timers can take advantage of the public transportation which is very affordable.

What to explore?
 Many tourists are seen relaxing and enjoying the beach in the form of their rented home or their hotel. Others are out all the time, exploring the areas and the islands. If you are looking forward to a relaxing holiday, you can enjoy restaurants, massage, shows, golfing and even beach portraits. If you are an explorer, you can enjoy hiking, snorkeling, whale watching, sailing, and lots more. Then there are scuba diving, zip lines, helicopter tours, hiking, sports fishing, kayaking and parasailing for the hardcore adventurers itching for excitement and adrenalin rush.

Must see for the first timers
If visiting Maui for the first time, there are some spots in the magical Valley Isle that are a must do and highly recommend. For example, the Road to Hana and Haleakalā are the most popular attractions, and the journey itself is a destination. Stop along the way and savor the sights of black and red sand beaches, scenic lookouts, waterfalls and curvy roads. Do not miss the highlights of the historic Lahaina sites and experience music concerts and other important events. Another must do is making the trip to Haleakalā, a towering mountain and National Park that is famous for spectacular sunrises. Sop in the town of Makawaoa to enjoy a juicy grass-fed steak and rub in the cowboy culture.

Where to shop?
If you are wondering where to shop in Maui, well the island will not disappoint you as it has some fantastic splendors to offer.  You are sure to enjoy the best souvenir shopping and will simply love the gifts you are taking back foryour friends and family! The most popular spots with the tourists are Paia town, Maui swap meet, Makawao, Nahiku marketplace and many more. You will discover special treasures from Lahaina to Hana. The Whalers Village shopping center, overlooking the emerald waters has a range of shopping gems.The shopping malls of Central Maui and Shops of Wailea offer upscale shopping experience.

Where to dine?
Maui is loaded with fabulous restaurants and some great food trucks. The island is truly blessed with a culinary scene unlike any in the world. You can easily enjoy medleys of sushi and fish or find Filipino flavors by the beach. Enjoy a wide range of affordable island favorites prepared by the island-based chefs. Maui’s best bakeries are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. Go to some of the best restaurants in Maui for a savory dining experience. The food is prepared with fresh local ingredients and what’s been caught that day form the waters. There are so many excitting places to eat in Maui.

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