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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cemetery of Negativism: A Graveyard with Irony and Humor

The Camp John Hay Historical Core entrance fee includes a pass to the Cemetery of Negativism.

cemetery of negativism
At first, my companions were wondering what the name meant.  But upon seeing the tomb stones, we all understood.

Each tombstone bore a characteristic of negativity.  I found it to be ironic because the negativity are common for us as humans.  Yet, it was written in a humorous way.  So the negative bring as laughter and yet, it also made as aware of what negativity we possess.  Of course, I'd like to believe all of our negativism was left and buried there that day.

Overall, the short visit to the Cemetery of Negativism was certainly worth it.  The entrance fee is very affordable and the a quick walk around the cemetery during a cool weather is a fun activity.

Cemetery of Negativism Cemetery of Negativism Map
Price Per Person Adult: 50 php
Student/Senior: 30 php
Payment Options Cash
Business Hours
Reservation Required
Camp John Hay Historical Core, 
Baguio City, Philippines
Transportation to Attraction

Commute Guide

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fort Santiago Intramuros: Walk This Way Tour By Carlos Celdran

Two months ago, we Travel Tripsters got to visit Fort Santiago with the Walk This Way Tour by Carlos Celdran.  Having lived in Manila my entire life, its quite surprising that this is the first time for me to visit the walled city of Intramuros.

fort santiago intramuros
The admission fee is really cheap.  Just line up by the entrance to purchase.  If it's your first time, the directory near the entrance can come at handy.

You can either walk or ride in style with your choice of calesa.

fort santiago
Admire the old walls structures and follow the steps of Dr. Jose Rizal through the Last Walk to Martyrdom Trail.

There are many monuments and structures to observe.  Each of them has their own story to tell.

jose rizal museum
Don't miss the Dr. Jose Rizal Museum.  It contains many artifacts that belongs to Dr. Jose Rizal.

intramuros dungeon
Get to see the Memorial Cross, Dungeon, Baluarte De Santa Barbara, Media NaranjaFalsa Braga De Santa Barbara and Postigo de la Nuestra SeƱora del Soledad.

fort santiago intramuros
See where Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned.
fort santiago intramuros
Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications in Manila.  Thus, it has a long timeline as follows:

  • 1571: built on the site of the native settlement of Raja Soliman
  • 1574: destroyed in Limahong attack
  • 1589-1592: stone fort
  • 1645: damaged by earthquake
  • 1658-1663: repaired and strengthened
  • 1762-1764: British headquarters
  • 1778: renovated 
  • 1942: Used as prison during Japanese occupation
  • 1945: Destroyed in the Battle of Manila
  • 1946: Depot of U.S. Military before turnover to the Philippines
  • 1950: Declared as Shine of Freedom
  • 1951: Restored by the National Park Development Commission
  • 1992: Management turned over to Intramuros Administration

Spain's Logo for the Philippines
carlos celdran tours
Carlos Celdran
We had a big tour group with both locals and foreigners.  Carlos Celdran was prepared with his materials and "chocnuts" which he claims is the catnip for the Filipinos.  His tour was very informative and fun.  But, it is also opinionated.

For the special event, there was a kundiman show.

lantern lighting
Lantern Lighting
There was a Lantern Lighting after the kundiman show.

Fort Santiago Intramuros Fort Santiago Intramuros Map
Price Per Person 50-70
Payment Options Cash
Business Hours 8am-6pm
Reservation Required No
123 Abanao Extension Brgy Rizal Monument, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Transportation to Attraction
Taxi, Jeepney 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Globe Love Bus: Heading North to La Union for FREE (North Trip Part 1)

As soon as I got to learn about the Globe Love Bus Promo (see separate entry), I called fellow Travel Tripster Kurt and asked for his approval.  He instantly agreed so I booked both of us for a Holy Week vacation from April 4 (wednesday) to April 9 (monday).  

We arrived at the Globe Love Bus parked in Glorietta 3 at exactly 10:00 a.m. which is the call time.  To our surprise, there were only two passengers in the bus when in fact, the Globe Love Bus was fully booked.  Soon, an elderly woman who we later found out to be Linda came in.  After an hour wait and the Globe staffs finding out that the registrants used bogus Globe numbers, our bus decided to depart for La Union.

Kurt was a bit disappointed as I showed him the itineraries and maps I prepared.  Being raised as a protestant, he just found out that the Holy Week lasted until April 8 (sunday) and that I planned the trip until April 9 (monday).  When I asked why he was so saddened, he told his sister's birthday was on Sunday.  I felt sorry for him.   Kurt values his family more than anything in the world.  But, his bad mood faded soon...

The Globe staff then proceeded with games and I won an ID lace.  Our bus mates Linda and Adam won movie passes and some other stuff.  Because the traffic was good that day, we arrived at the NLEX Shell station at around 2 p.m. and everyone purchased their lunches during our stopover.  Kurt bought me a meal from one of his favorite fast food restaurants that starts with "J". 

During the long trip, we had conversed with our seatmate Adam who is ironically a friend of my classmate.  When we learned that Adam is from Vigan, we decided to ask him for some pointers.  Upon seeing my itinerary, he asked where I got all the information.  I told him just from the internet.  He looked quite surprised.  He then examined it and listed down some additional places we could visit and some local dishes we could try.  

Overhearing our plans of travel and adventure, Linda who had relatives in Agoo, La Union, introduced herself and joined in.  We were all surprised that Linda had so much stories to tell.  She claims to have witnessed the Apparition in Agoo and has traveled to many places all over the Philippines.  She also showed us pictures of cleanest river in the area and Pugad Adventure.  Kurt and I were convinced quickly. =D  We were having so much fun but it was all cut off when we was dropped off at Agoo which is a few towns before our final destination.  I took a short nap while Kurt and Adam chatted on.

At around 6:00 p.m., we arrived at the Genesis Bus La Union Station.  We gave our thanks and bade farewell to the driver, Globe staffs and Adam as we rode off to Candon, Ilocos Sur.  Thank you so much Globe Love Bus for the safe and fun ride!

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