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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tuddingan Falls: Waterfalls in Naguilian La Union

I've been wanting to visit a real waterfalls so we decide to commute to Naguilan La Union just to see Tuddingan Falls.  I've never seen a real waterfalls up close before.  The closest I've seen is the artificial waterfalls at Villa Escudero in Laguna more than a decade ago.  

tuddingan falls
Our tricycle dropped us off at a small bridge where we had a clear view of a bit worn out sign "Welcome Tuddingan Falls".  We were wondering if it was still open for viewing.  But, there was no one in the area to ask.  So despite being a bit doubtful, we went along the trail.  Soon, we came across a local who confirmed that we were on the right track.  He was so quick though that we never saw him again.

tuddingan falls
The trail had cemented steps and metal bars for safety.  There were also random animals like goats and hens along the way.  

tuddingan falls
We've been walking for 20 minutes under the scorching heat of the sun with no clues whether we were near or far from the water falls.  Then, we heard a weak water and spotted some water flowing through the rocks.

tuddingan falls
We went along further and found this semi-stagnant water.  The water is flowing but not much.  Since there's a side track with bars, we were assuming that the flow of water would be strong and a bit dangerous.

tuddingan falls
After passing through the trail  Well, it was unlike what we've seen from the photos because the flow is not that powerful.  We visit during late April.  Is it because it's summer time that's why its like this?  We also noticed that there were irrigation tubes sourcing the water from the waterfalls.  

Overall, we Travel Tripsters were a bit disappointed that we didn't see much from the Tuddingan Falls.  But, it was a pretty good trek and it was the falls had a high rocky formation for viewing.  Perhaps, you have some tips on when we should visit again to witness it in full force like the pictures we see on the net.  We'd really appreciate that.

Tuddingan Falls Tuddingan Falls Map
Price Per Person FREE
Payment Options
Business Hours
Reservation Required No
 Barangay Tuddingan, Naguilian, La Union, Philippines
Transportation to Attraction
Bus with Tricycle 
Commute Guide
From San Fernando La Union: Ride Bus to Naguilan (50 php) then take tricycle to Tuddingan Falls (30-50 php)

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