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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mushroom House: Hidden Mushroom House in Itogon Benguet

I was so tired after our very long (but short according to the locals) walk from Crosby Park so we rested by the bench on the fork of the road.  Then, fellow Travel Tripster Kurt noticed a sign to the Mushroom House.  

mushroom house
Our conversation went like this:
Kurt: Look there's a sign to the mushroom house.  Let's check it out.
Me: Silly, its pointing to that odd hut-shaped waiting shed.  I guess that's mushroom-shaped for them.
Kurt: Are you kidding me?  I think they have a real mushroom house neaby.  Let me ask.
mushroom house
Turns out Kurt was right.  There is a real mushroom house hidden in the area.  We were pointed to another fenced vicinity guarded by a scary dog and a sign that they'll shoot to kill trespassers.  We were about to back off when a young man asked us why we were there.   We told him we wanted to see the Mushroom House.  He called an old lady who let us in and told us to follow her. 

mushroom house
We were led to a house covered in a blue plastic sheet.  It was dark inside but well-ventilated.
mushroom house
We were told that mushrooms were suppose to sprout from those stuffings but they were infected by a virus and were just recovering from it so there were only few mushrooms.  They make and add the stuffings on a regular basis row by row.  The stuffings are made of saw dust and grains and wrapped in transparent plastic.

mushroom house
It was my first time to visit a Mushroom House so it astounding for me to see oyster mushrooms sprout out from the stuffings.  

mushroom house

According to the old lady, we should come back again next time when they are swarming with mushrooms so we can try her mushroom chicharon that they sell cheaply when mushrooms are in surplus.

We Travel Tripsters enjoyed our visit to the hidden Mushroom House.   The locals were friendly and hospitable.  All our questions of curiosity was anticipated and welcomed. 

Itogon Mushroom House Itogon Mushroom House Map
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Virac, Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
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