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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sagada Mountain Province Travel Guide: Nature and Aventure at their Purest

Located on the northern mountain of Luzon is Sagada, the fifth municipal city in Mountain Province, Philippines.  It is adjacent to Bontoc, the capital of Mountain Province.  Although Sagada only occupies 32.2 square meters, it is a popular tourist place for its cool weather, food, native culture and wide range of adventure activities.  Sagada is a laid back and serene place.  The town sleeps as early as 9:00 pm.  Electricity is available in  Sagada.  For connectivity, both Smart (also Smart Bro WiFi) and Globe are available in the area.  In case you need an internet, there are internet cafes charging around 40 php per hour.  The sole bank in  Sagada is the Rural Bank of Sagada where a Megalink automated teller machine (ATM) is available but charges rates at 55 php. (NOTE: It only accepts local credit cards)

sagada map

Sagada Map

Sagada Climate
Due to its elevation, Sagada generally has a cool climate even during the rainy (May to October) and sunny (November to April) seasons.  The coldest weather is during December until February where the temperature averages to 13 degrees Celsius during the night.    Due to a high humidity of around 89%,  Sagada is also a foggy place.

Sagada Trip Budget
The Budget for a Sagada Trip  ranges from 3,000 php to 5,000 php.  Your  Sagada Trip Budget should include allocations for the following:
Sagada Trip Itinerary
There are two options in making your Sagada Trip Itinerary:

1. Avail a tour with a planned out itinerary from travel and tours companies
2. Plan you itinerary by considering the following:
    a. Sagada Trip Samples Itineraries
    b. Sagada Activities: 
  • Register at  Sagada Tourist Center  
    • This is compulsory and must be the first thing you do!
  • Balangagan Cave   
  • Bokong Falls (small falls)  
  • Bomod-ok (big falls) (20 mins. drive or 2 hour walk) ( 1 and half hour trek) 
    • One of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines.  This can be viewed upon passing by the Sagada rice terraces.  You can swim in its icy cold waters but best with the assistance of a guide.  A girl from Manila drowned here in 2008.
  • Buasao Trek (4 to 5 hours trek)  
  • Demang Village  
  • Echo Valley 
    • Pass by the public cemetery and reach Echo Valley to view the hanging coffins and the village laid upon the large limestone cliffs.  Shout and hear your voice echo!
  • Ganduyan Museum   
    • Christina Aben's collection of rich the rich culture of the Cordillera Igorots
  • Kiltepan Tower (10 mins. drive or 30-45 walk)  
    • This highest point is named after the three bounding barangays: Kilong, Tetep-An, and Antadao.  View the sunrise or sunset from here and appreciate the beauty of nature.  Also enjoy a panoramic view of the rice terraces.
  • Lake Danum 
    • Watch the sunset at Lake Danum and be awed by its beauty.
  • Malboro Country  
    • See wild horses and cows roam free into the fields.
  • Masferre's Studio  
    • See the powerful photos taken by Masferre.
  • Pongas Falls (1 and half drive)  
    • The newest addition to Sagada's tourist attraction.  It a new experience where you will pass by Suyo rice terrace, go on river trekking and trekking through the narrow mountain trails.  Better if you do this early so you can still try rappelling.
  • Sagada Rice Terraces  
  • Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves/Cave Connections (2 to 3 hours if  Sumaguing only; Cave connections to 4-6 hours) 
    • These are two interconnecting limestone caves for you to enjoy one of the best spelunking adventures of your lives.  These are just novice level spelunking so even Senior Citizen and kids.  But, hiring guides are a must!  There are also coffins at the entrance of Lumiang Cave so they call it Burial Cave.
  • Sagada Weaving House  
  • Sagada Pottery House  
  • St. Mary's Church 
  • White Water Rafting
  • Latang Underground River  
    • This is another way to Sumaguing Caves.  You can view rock minerals and ancient corals.

Hope this Travel Tripsters Sagada Mountain Province Trip Guide Helps!

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