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Monday, January 19, 2015

Grande Island Resort: My Top 6 Recommended Land Activities to Do (Subic SBMA Zambales)

I've shared our accommodation at Grande Island Resort.  Now, I'll be sharing how fun it is to be on an isolated island when there's so much land activities you can do.  Here are the land activities we tried and I recommend them for you too.

grande island resort
1. Ride a Bike
grande island resort
Grande Island Resort offers bicycle rental for 150 php an hour.  We decided to take a bike and explored the area. 

grande island resort
They have safe pathways from the port leading to the very last house.  Biking not only gave us an opportunity to exercise, it also allowed us to go to a greater distance at ease.  We were able to observe that they also had horses while we were biking.

2. Watch the Sun Set Along the Sea Shore
grande island resort
Photo credits to
Enjoy the fresh sea breeze as you watch the sun set along the sea shore. 

grande island resort
 Watch the sun paint the skies with orange hue.

grande island resort
grande island resort
The scenic view by the sea shore, rush of the cool air and the melodious sound of the crashing waves will surely offer you the relaxation that you can't get in the city.

3. Get Educated with the Historical Island Tour 

grande island resort

The Historical Island Tour time schedules are 6 am, 9 am and 3 pm.  The duration is 30 to 1 hour for 250 php per person.

grande island resort
According to Kuya Bert, our tour guide, the 42-hectare Grande Island was first discovered by the Spaniards during the 1600's.  A war between the Spaniards and Americans ended with the latter as the victor.  The Americans built underground power lines and water pipelines from SBMA as the source of electric and water.

grande island resort
Back Beach

We were taken to the undeveloped back beach where we saw picnic tables built by the Americans.  The beach was so beautiful but not safe for swimming as the water is the breeding area for sea creatures such as jellyfish, sea urchins, stingray and sharks.  You can see some of the jellyfish, sea urchins and corals even on the shallow parts.  If you go to the deeper parts, you can find baby stingrays and sharks.

grande island resort
Chiquita Island
Chiquita Island is a nearby island that is part of Grande Island Resort.  It is a 4-hectare island which serve as a bird sanctuary.  They offer nature trekking there too.

grande island resort
Picnic Area Built by the Americans
grande island resort
Battery Flake Tower

As the island is not a warzone but used as a fortress and battery, it has canons and heavy machine guns for anti-air and water ambush and defense.  The Battery Flake Tower still stands and is great for picture taking.

grande island resort
Maid's Quarters
We also saw the Maid's Quarters.

grande island resort

grande island resort

The lake used to be their football field.  We're told that the rain forests are home to geckos which go out around 3 pm.

4. Speed Downward Via Zipline 

JA of
 Grande Island Resort's 300-meter long and 40-feet high zipline.

Me on the Zipline (photo credits to

The zipline is a good activity that is safe even for kids.  

5. Explore by Horse Back Riding

You can go up the mountains and see more of the island via horse back riding at 500 php per hour.
6. Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Orchid Hall A

Orchid Hall B
Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought on the island so I had a heavy breakfast before our 9 am ferry ride.  And yet, after all the biking, swimming, boating and diving, I found myself constantly looking for energy replenishment.  Good thing that Orchid Hall serves food anytime.

Eat By the Pool
You can have food delivered to your room and eat at your comfort by the veranda (additional 20% room service fee) or eat by the Orchid Hall A or B or by the pool (Only 10% SBMA and Service Charge).  Since we wanted to eat and bond as a group, we chose the latter.  The food was reasonably priced as an order is good for 2-3 persons.  Being a group of 10 allowed us to explore to selections.

Sweet & Sour Fish (355 php)
Pork Sinigang (375 php)
Shrimp Sinigang (395 php)

Bulalo (455 php)

Chopsuey (295 php)
For lunch, we  had the Sweet & Sour Fish (355 php), Pork Sinigang (375 php), Shrimp Sinigang (395 php), Bulalo (455 php), Chopsuey (295 php) and Plain Rice (50 php).   For dinner, we had the Sweet & Sour Fish again (Yes, my companions loved this!),Garlic Shrimp (375 php), Beef Broccoli (355 php) (the meat was tough), Pork Sinigang again (This is the best dish as the group raved for this non-stop.  It didn't even reach my end of the table), Pinakbet w/ Bagnet (325 php), Pork Sisig (325 php) and Plain Rice


For breakfast, we were fortunate to have a breakfast buffet which they serve when guests are 20 or more.  They have an omelet station with three choice of ingredients: cheese, ham and green and red bell peppers. 

They had hot water for coffee and rotating toasted for toasted bread served with jam and butter.

The buffet selection includes: Hot Lugaw with chicken, hard boiled egg and black pepper, Buttered Carrots and String Beans,Tapa, Tocino and Fried Bangus.  It also.includes Orange Juice for drinks.
I'd like to thank our server Ver who gave as the best dining experience in terms of service. 
You can also buy snacks such as Chippy (50 php) and beer (90 php) for a great bonding time.

So this sums up our Travel Tripsters recommendation.  Enjoy!
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