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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Top 10 Tips on How to Conquer Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park (with video walk through)

There are currently two floating playgrounds in the Philippines.  Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park claims to be the biggest one.  I've previously shared my Top 12 Things to Do in Club Balai Isabel.  I'm now adding this on top of my list!

aqua park club balai isabel
Now, there are 2 types of duration you can have to enjoy Aqua Park depends on the type you choose.  For most guests it's 1 hour and for check-in guest, you can avail of the 4 hour pass at 1,250 php/head.

aqua park club balai isabel
We availed of the 1 hour pass for 990 php.  The price comes with a swimming pool use pass too.

aqua park club balai isabel
Now since you only have an hour, you have to strategic if you want to conquer all the obstacles.  And, I'm sharing with you the Top 10 Tips on How to Conquer Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park based on our experience.

aqua park club balai isabel
1. Come on a Week Day
It's best to come on a weekday to avoid more guests.  Even if you're fit and sleek, the slower ones can cause bottlenecks on some obstacles.  I'm one of the slow ones so 1 hour was not enough to conquer even just half of the playground.

2. Plan Your Route
To maximize your time, plan your route ahead, you can go, left or right.  But, you'll eventually have to come back on some routes once you try the big slide.  So think ahead.

3. Wear Grip Socks or Aqua Shoes
We've seen the staffs purposely spraying water on the inflatables (perhaps to keep it cool).  The wet surface on the inflatables makes them quite slippery.  So be as smart as the lifeguards, wear grip socks and aqua shoes and I promise you, it will make a HUGE difference!

4. Know When to Walk Sideways
When it comes to curved surfaces, walk sideways.  If you feel tired and can't balance well, you can sit on your butt and try to move from there. 

aqua park club balai isabel
5. Bend Your Knees
Bend your knees for better balance.

aqua park club balai isabel
6. Avoid the Sun
As much as possible, avoid the scorching heat of the sun so you won't tired out faster.  It's best to go there early as they open by 8 am.  During weekdays, they also take a break at around lunch time for maintenance and so the staffs can take a bit of rest from the heat.

aqua park club balai isabel
7. Secure Your Camera
The lake is up to 60 feet deep.  If you don't want to lose your camera and gadgets, better secure it or make sure it floats.  Worrying about losing them will not make your experience fun.

aqua park club balai isabel
8. Use Your Survival Instinct
Just look at the water, the jungle of molds and sea ferns will definitely motivate you not to fall.

9. Crawl if you need to
This may look ridiculous but you may need to crawl if you need to.

10. Call the Lifeguards
You really need the lifeguards to lift you up once you fall on the water.  Don't bother wasting your time and energy to try to go up on your own.  It's best to save those for the obstacles.

Extra Tip
For your summer getaways, protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays with 3M™ Automative Tints.  Our visit to Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park as part of #BeatTheHeat: Automotive Tints Roadtrip Series by 3M made us realize how essential to a comfortable and safe rise tint were.  There are 3M™ Automotive Tints variants you can choose from: Crystalline (if you care about car aesthetics), Color Stable (if you value privacy), Black Chrome (if you want to be kept cool by its heat rejection feature), Scotchshield Security (if you need extra window protection and security).

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park
Address Talisay-Tanuan Road (infront of Banga Elemetary School), Batangas City, Philippines
Budget Per Person 990 php-1,250 php Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park
Payment Options Cash

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday:
(even holidays)
8 am- 4 pm
Reservation Required No
Contact  (632)  897-0229

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