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Friday, September 29, 2017

Bus Stop Dive Resort: 10 Reasons Why It Is the Best Choice For Diving in Batangas

Whether it's for the budget or homey hospitality, I am always in search for new places to stay that isn't too hyped.  A few weeks ago, I discovered Bus Stop Dive Resort in Anilao/Bauan Batangas.

bus stop dive resort
As implied by the name, it is among the many dive resosts in Batangas.  So why here?  Let me give you 10 reasons why it is one of the best if not the best choice in Batangas.

10 Reasons Why Its the Best Choice for Diving in Batangas

10. Short Drive and Short Boat Ride
bus stop dive resort
Driving to the Bus Stop Dive Resort Boat Station is only around an hour and a half drive from Metro Manila.  There is adequate parking slots to leave your car there well-guarded during your entire stay.

There boat ride is only 10 to 15 minutes long.  The waves are usually calm so you can still ride a boat even after sunset.

9. Affordable and Clean Accommodation
bus stop dive resort
The accommodation is clean and very affordable.  An overnight stay stats at 500 php per head.

bus stop dive resort
There are many types of rooms to choose from.  You have a terrace with sea view.  And, the bathroom is equipped with shower.

8. Freshly Cooked Homey Food
bus stop dive resort
As you can see they have a clean kitchen that's open for everyone to walk into and inspect anytime.

sotanghon na mackarel
The food is freshly cooked with fresh local ingredients bought from the town market.

Sotanghon na Mackarel, Adobong Manok, Lumpiang Ubod and Rice
Most of us are too busy to enjoy home-cooked meals.  And, some of the foreign guests are unfamiliar with our favorite home-cooked dishes.

filipino food
Thus, for breakfast, lunch or dinner... Bus Stop serves dishes that will surely warm up your hearts and stomach with homey cooked dishes.

filipino food
I really enjoyed these simple dishes.  It is indeed one of the plus factors of my relaxing stay at Bus Stop.

7. Calming View and Music of the Sea
bus stop dive resort
There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than looking at the clear blue sea and listening to the sounds of the waves.

I find it relieving to pace my breath with the sound of the waves.

6. Beautiful Seascapes
bus stop dive resort
The sea isn't just a plain open sea.

bus stop dive resort
There are many rocks and floras that create a beautiful seascape perfect for photography.

bus stop dive resort
Just look at how emotional my shots are.

bus stop dive resort
You can get different outputs depending on the time and mood of the day.

5. Great Nap Place
When was the last time you have a nap outside the four corners of your room?  I bet that is nothing compared to this right?

bus stop dive resort
Feel the fresh sea breeze brush across you cheeks and the rest of your skin as you take your nap.

4. Get to Watch a Scenic Sunset
bus stop dive resort
One of the best reasons to stay for the night is to be able to sit by the shore, maybe grab some beer and just appreciate the orange hues spreading across the greyish skies.

sunset bauan batangas
This is one of my favorite shots.

3. Instagram Worthy Photos
bauan dive resort
You can find a lot of Instagram worthy photos in this place.  The possibilities is limitless depending on your creativity.

2. Pet-Friendly
dog in batangas beach
If you're looking for pet-friendly locations, this is one of them.

1. Direct Diving Spot
bus stop dive resort
They have a direct diving spot just ashore.  Just in front of the place is already a marine sanctuary formerly known as Bus Stop.  Unlike in Anilao where you will spend on renting a boat out on top of their high and commercialized accommodation rates, here you can just rent some gears and hire a dive master and you're all set to go.  Even if you're not a diver, you can just do snorkeling ad on a fair da ysee lots of fishes in the calm and crystal clear water.

Check out my first dive and trek experience at Bus Stop Dive Resort on my next post.

Bus Stop Dive Resort
Hotel Address Bauan San Pablo Batangas Philippines
Contact (632) 435-3545 Reservation Required No (Encouraged)
Payment Options   Cash Public Transport Bus + Tricycle
Room Types Room Amenities Price
• Twin or Single Bed
500 php/head
General Amenities Cottage huts Parking No
Travel Tripsters Hotel Review Rating Bus Stop Dive Resort
Room Comfort

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