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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bencab Museum: Art Collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera

In 2006, Filipino painter Benedicto Reyes Cabrera also known as "BenCab" was awarded National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts.  Being noted as "arguably the best-selling painter of his generation of Filipino artists", one has certainly has to his own private collection of his and other artists which happens to be in Bencab Museum along Asin Road in Tuba.

Every day except Monday, local and foreign tourists drop by to check out his personal collection to admire his works and observe his taste. 

Museum Lobby
Just pay the entrance fee, sign up and get your map and you're good to go.  The Bencab Museum has three floors.  

Museum Shop
The Museum Shop is located right next to the museum lobby.  You have to go through it to view the Sephia Gallery.

BFT2014 with Bencab
Being from the Edison T. Coseteng Patio, I've found a profound amusement with Bencab's muse SabelIsabel is actually the name of Bencab which he used as the nickname of his muse.

Sabel is a "taong grasa" from Tondo.  She's deceased so I guess her pieces are very rare. 

I've always believed that everything... anything... anyone  possess a unique kind of beauty.  But, appreciating that beauty lies on our ability or inability to perceive it in the right way.

I'll let you in on my little ridiculous secret.  One of my goals in life is to widen my perspective so I can be surrounded by beauty.  How we perceive however, is not according to our own choice, but nature's mysterious design which is difficult for us to comprehend.  Yet, it simply makes sense to me in a way that we can find perfection in each others imperfection so that everything can harmoniously complement each other when they can go in zillions of other ways. 
Do you know why I appreciate art?  Because art is capable of making us see beyond our own limited perspective and see through an artist's view.  Through Bencab's paintings of Sabel, I can see how he sees her.  His works of her goes beyond the medium used which is only visual.  He is able to emulate Sabel with all her intricacies and complexities which defines her unique beauty.

Standing right there...on the hall viewing Sabel in different poses, different forms, different robes (ragged or luxurious), gave me the nostalgic kind of feeling of a life-changing encounter with someone of admirable and inspiring true beauty. 

These are my favorite of Bencab's work.  The one on the left is an abstract of a bowing king.  The one on the right is a piece made with gold gel pen which is really cool!

There are also galleries which features other artists over a certain duration.

This is my favorite piece of wooden craft.  It's a gigantic screw-less wooden puzzle piece cabinet.

Could you believe that this is functioned as a refrigerator were they stored etag

Cordillera Gallery
I've always loved the Cordillera culture.  I find their native bags, cooking utensils and other household items quite innovative.

The details in these sculptures on bones are unbelievable!

I can say the same for these woven crafts.

Bul-ol Installations

Guess what this is?  Clue: It belongs to the Erotica Gallery.

Print Gallery
These pieces in the Print Gallery are also for sale.

Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery
Bencab also keeps a collection of other Philippine contemporary artists.  This is one of my favorite paintings. 

This electronic guitar made of different tools is pure genius!

And, so is this glass masterpiece.

Farm and Garden
Passing through Cafe Sabel is the farm and garden.  I guess the eco-trail starts from here.

We, Travel Tripsters, highly recommend visiting Bencab Museum to appreciate Philippine art. 

Bencab Museum
Address Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Philippines
Budget Per Person Entrance: 100 php
Students and Senior Citizen: 80 php 
Children less than 42": FREE
Eco-Trail Tour: 50 php/guide for group of 15 or less
Bencab Museum Map
Payment Options Cash

Operating Hours Tuesday to Sunday:
(closed on Christmas & New Year's Day)
9:00 am-6pm
(5:30 pm last entry)

Reservation Required No (Encouraged)
Contact  (6374) 442-7165

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