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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort at Asin Nagalisan Tuba Benguet

Travel Tripsters Kurt and Stacy decided to take an hour ride of Jeepney from Baguio City to enjoy the Hot Spring at Asin Nagalisan Tuba Benguet.  

We were quite unsettled on which resort to go to.  Luckily, the locals we were with during our jeepney ride suggested that we go for Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort which is the newest resort in the area.  

The jeepney dropped us off at a place where we could here a spring rushing in beneath.  We entered the gate until we again saw the structure with the sign Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort.  We bought our tickets for 100 php.

Adult Pools
Kids Pool
We passed by the refreshment station and proceeded to the pool area with a small gate.  We only saw two big Adult Pools and one Kids Pool.  We couldn't the hot springs so we asked the life guard.  We were told that the hot spring required an additional payment so we had to go back to the ticketing area to pay an extra 250 php for a hot tub.  

We tried to discern the signs but could not find their outdoor hot spa so we had to ask again at the ticketing area.  We were led uphill.  We passed by the outdoor pool which was closed since it was October and they were not on their peak season.

Just beside the outdoor pool is the hot spa area.  We expected some kind of natural hot spring but instead we saw these empty tubs. 

While they cleaned and filled it up with water, we placed our belongings at the locker.  We also took the time to read the schedule of hot bath which was apparently not being followed because we came in around 3:00 p.m.  We also read their bath house rules.

The staff told us that the water is pump in from the natural hot spring so they do not control the temperature.  We could tell that the water is really hot as we could see some smoke from it.  As soon as our pool got filled up, a group of Koreans came and occupied the bigger tub with a jacuzzi.  

Although it was really soothing, I felt a bit dehydrated so Travel Tripster Kurt had to run down to the refreshment station and buy me a cold bottle water.  Travel Tripster Kurt is used to taking hot showers so he really enjoyed the hot tub.  On the other hand, I felt it was too hot so I took a break by dipping in the three different cold pools and trying out the slides.  I noticed the kiddie pool was warmer compare to the adult pools. After 15 minutes, I came back to the hot tub and enjoyed our remaining time.  

They had a large shower area and changing room for both male and female.   It was clean and hygienic.   

Overall, Travel Tripsters see the hot spring tubs of Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort as a relaxing activity any adult would enjoy.  For kids, we suggest that they stay in the Kiddie Pool instead. 

Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort Map
Entrance Per PersonAdult: 200 php
below 4ft. 50 php
above 4 ft. 100 php
Payment OptionsCash
Reservation RequiredNo
(074) 446-5758
Palm Grove Hot Springs 
and Mountain Resort Address
Asin Nagalisan Tuba Benguet (16 kilometers away from Baguio City
Transportation to Attraction
Taxi, Jeepney 

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