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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spa De Soleil Eurotel Baguio: Dry Sauna and Aromatheraphy

After wandering around Baguio City and enjoying its outdoor activities, we Travel Tripsters felt our body yearn for relaxation.  We were so glad that our host Ivan Aoki and the Eurotel Team has scheduled us for an Arometheraphy at Spa de Soleil located at the ground floor of Eurotel Baguio. (see previous entry)

We Travel Tripsters learned that Spa de Soleil offered a wide range of services from body massage to waxing.  It's a complete place for beauty, pampering and indulgence.  

We had the chance to tour around Spa De Soleil's modern and clean facilities.

Room for Facial Services

Single Massage Room

Steam Bath

After our tour at Spa De Soleil, we were immediately convinced to have enjoy the Dry Sauna and to have our Aromatherapy there.  We erased our initial idea of having our massage at our hotel rooms.

Dry Sauna
It was one of the coldest night in Baguio City as the temperature reached 10 degrees Celcius. We were really glad when we were informed that the Arometheraphy comes with a FREE Dry Sauna too!  In fact, every whole body massage at Spa de Soleil comes with a FREE Dry Sauna.  

For the Dry Sauna, we were escorted by their female staff into a changing room.  The room also had a locker where we could place our valuables and carry the key with us.  Their Dry Sauna room has a capacity for four people.  We were asked whether we would like Iced Tea or Mango Juice and we bought chose the Iced Tea.  The service is really nice as the refreshments along with a wet towel was served immediately.  As it was my first time to try this type of Dry Sauna, I enjoyed controlling the heat by pouring the water on the hot stones and watching the water vaporize into steam.  Before we even realized it, the sand timer located at the side ran out indicating it was already 15 minutes.

For our Aromatheraphy, we booked ourselves for the couple room.  The room was clean and the bed was soft.  My body sanked in comfortably as I laid.  The aroma and instrument music was so relaxing that even though my mind wanted to wander off, I couldn't help it.  The massage technique of Spa De Soleil massage therapist is different from what I've encountered before.  We soon found out that the owner of Spa De Soleil went to abroad to study their unique style of massage and personally trained all the massage therapists there.  During the course of the Aromatherapy, I felt all of my muscles relax.  Since we were in the couples room, we could hear each other's bones crack. =p  I enjoyed my hard massage while Kurt enjoyed his medium massage.  

As soon as we were done our massage therapists asked us what we wanted to drink, we both chose Mango Juice.  The therapist came in with our refreshments along with a wet towel.

We had a really deep and comfortable sleep that night.  All the fatigue brought about the long trip and our outdoors adventures in Baguio City disappeared as we woke up all refreshed the next day.

Spa De Soleil Eurotel Baguio  Spa De Soleil Eurotel Baguio Map
Price Per Person150-2,000
Payment OptionsCash
Reservation Required No but suggested
Business Hours24 Hours
Contact(074) 424-8451 or (0928)434-3577
Website | Facebook Fan Page
Spa De Soleil Eurotel Baguio Address
Eurotel Baguio Ground Floor 123 Abanao Extension Brgy Rizal Monument, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Transportation to Attraction
Taxi, Jeepney 

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