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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Slide the Zip Line & Rappel at Camp John Hay Eco-Trail

Camp John Hay was our first stop after leaving Eurotel (see separate entry) on our first day.  Our first destination was the Slide the Zip Line & Rappel.  I have a phobia with heights.  But, I find it strange that I enjoy carnival rides and other fun activities which may involve heights.  When we visited Camp John Hay Eco-Trail at Baguio City, my companions invited me to try the  Slide the Zip Line & Rappel and I instantly accepted.
slide & rappel
I have tried the the zipline called Superman Ride at Zoom TreeTop Adventure in Circulo Verde, Quezon City before.  But, that was a motorized zipline where the operator has complete control of the sliding speed.  The Slide the Zip Line & Rappel was my first time to try the real zipline.  
slide & rappel
Upon purchasing our tickets, we glanced at the zipline area.  I was surprised that it was only a short distance.  Yet, I was still curious to see how it was different from the my previous experience

slide & rappel
We were assisted into the harness and asked to slide down.  I felt secured with those.  During my slide, I realized that there is really no different between this and the motorized one.  But, I was dissappointed that the distance was so short that I only slid for a few seconds.  

slide & rappel
Although it was my first time to try rappelling downwards, it was pretty easy to do.  The tower wasn't that high so it only took a few steps to reach the bottom.  The gloves were thick so my hands didn't feel anything even as I slide down the rope.  

Overall, the Travel Tripsters sees Slide the Zip Line & Rappel as a fun and safe activity for friends and family.  It can even be enjoyed by kids. It's a great start for them to experience this kinds of adventure.  The price is also reasonable.  

InformationEurotel Baguio Map
Price Per Person100
Payment OptionsCash
Reservation RequiredNo
Camp John Hay Eco-Trail, Baguio City
Transportation to Attraction
Taxi, Jeepney 

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