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Sunday, February 19, 2012

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, Strawberry Taho and Strawberry Ice Cream

Last October, we Travel Tripsters visited the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.  But due to Typhoon Pedring,  all the harvest was destroyed so we did not see any strawberries.  Luckily, we were invited to join the Baguio Bliss 2012 event of Eurotel where our hosts Ivan Aoki and the Eurotel team brought us to see the famous La Trinidad Strawberry Farm once again.

Jollibee Billboard Greeting You When Nearing the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm
la trinidad strawberry farms la trinidad strawberry farms
For buses and vans, you can park your vehicles at the Strawberry Fields Marketing Center.  There are also shops there that sell native products and pasalubongs.

la trinidad strawberry farms
We were fortunate that it was a cloudy day when we came.  It was not sunny or moisty.  We Travel Tripsters were so happy to see so many strawberries. There were other plantations for other vegetables as well.

la trinidad strawberry farms
You can pick strawberries in the field and pay 200 php a kilo for the strawberries you selected.  We were to lazy so we opted not to.  We were already contented just by looking at them.  I was delighted to see Strawberry flowers turn into Strawberry fruits.

la trinidad strawberry farms
The farmers were busy minding there own business.  I guess they are used to tourists passing by the farm.

<tr><td class=Blueberries (100 php/3 pack)
Right at the middle of the field, there is a stall selling strawberries at 90 php per kilo.  They also sold blueberries at 100 php per pack of three.   We bought some.  We ate them as a snack.  I also brought some home and we used it as cereal toppings.  =)

Strawberries (110 php/kilo)
Strawberries (110 php/kilo)
When we went there last October, strawberries cost 200 php per kilo.  Now the small ones cost only 110 php per kilo while the big ones were being sold at 120 php.  

Strawberry Taho
Strawberry Taho with Honey (20 php)
Strawberry Taho with Honey (20 php)
Fellow Travel Tripster Kurt bought some Strawberry Taho with Honey for me and our friend Chinchan from  It had fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup for taste and coloring and honey to sweeten the taste.

Strawberry Taho (20 php)

We also bought another Strawberry Taho from Manong.  Manong has been selling Strawberry Taho for a long time in the area.  Manong believes in good luck.  He told us that he dangled the flowers in his taho container because the Feng Shiu said that flowers will bring him luck this year.  It must be true judging from his almost empty container.  Manong's   Strawberry Taho uses Strawberry Jams.  Notice that the Strawberry Taho is darker in color than the other one?

Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream (20 php)
The first Strawberry Ice Cream we bought was lighter in color with strawberry chunks.  I love ice cream so I loved this.  However, Kurt thought it was no different than other strawberry ice creams.

Strawberry Ice Cream (20 php)
I tried another Strawberry Ice Cream.  This time it was darker in color but no strawberry bits.  

Pasalubong Stalls
There were many Pasalubong Stalls on the side of the road.  Kurt and I haggled to buy some key chains there.  

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