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Friday, December 11, 2015

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort: Golf, Swim, Zipline, Kayaking, Boating and More in Cavinti Laguna

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort formerly known as Caliraya Springs is located in Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna.

caliraya mountain lake resort
You won't see much from the outside...

caliraya mountain lake resort
but you'll be amazed at how big the area it covers upon entry.

caliraya mountain lake resort
You can see that there are Twin Bicycles (Php 500) and Mountain Bikes (Php 200) for rent on its drive way.  We went pass it because we were excited to try the other activities.

caliraya mountain lake resort
We noticed that the resort is very Korean-friendly.  They even have their own registration area.

caliraya mountain lake resort
There are Korean banners everywhere and the restaurants serve Korean dishes.

caliraya mountain lake resort
After our breakfast, we decided to go and try golf.

caliraya mountain lake resort
As a novice, I really can't tell the difference of one hole from another.
caliraya mountain lake resort
But, that didn't seem to matter since the first step is to learn how to swing.  My friend Resley did a pretty good job.  I had many attempts before I managed to swing a good one.

Golf Rates
Green Fees                     
No. of Holes     Weekdays     Weekends
9 Holes             Php 850.00     Php 1,130.00
18 Holes           Php 1,700.00     Php 2,036.00

Other Charges
Golf Cart     
9 holes - Php 450.00
18 holes - Php 780.00
Caddie Fee   
9 holes - Php 250.00
18 holes - Php 300.00
Umbrella Girl     Php 200.00
Gallery     Php 300.00
Driving Range Fee     Php 200.00
Driving Range Ball     Php 50.00 per box of 40 balls

Lakeview Swimming Pool
caliraya mountain lake resort
We had our lunch at La Cucina De Caliraya which is their dining place right beside the pool.  We watched the kids swim while we ate.

caliraya mountain lake resort
It's a scenic view to see both the pool and the Caliraya Lake.

caliraya mountain lake resort
There's a bonfire area near a mini forest and the lake.  It was really windy and cool during our visit although it was still noon.  So, the bonfire at night would really be a nice warming activity for any group.  Bonfire rate is Php 700.  I'm told you can also set up a tent here for functions and sleepovers for a fee. 

Pasyal Boat
caliraya mountain lake resort
My friend Clarissa and I headed over to the boat house to wear our life vest and wait for the boat.

caliraya mountain lake resort
The Pasyal Boat (Small) is for 2,500 php.

caliraya mountain lake resort
Of course, we didn't want just an ordinary pasyal along the Caliraya Lake.  So my friends Martin and Althea, showcased their flexibility.

caliraya mountain lake resort

And,our boatman is their number 1 fan...

caliraya mountain lake resort
40 meter Slide & Drop
The Marina is a fun-filled area.  It has several courses such as Slide & Drop, Cobweb, Wall Climb Slide, Tire Challenge, Cable Balance, Karate Kid, Military Crawl, Tarzan Swing, Log Crossing and Palo Sebo.  I think all of them are cool especially the Military Crawl because you have to swim underwater.

Zipline and Hanging Bridge
caliraya mountain lake resort
The Zipline and Hanging Bridge (Php 150) are packaged together because you have to go back by the bridge. 

Paddle Boat
caliraya mountain lake resort
On a fair day, who can resist going on a Paddle Boat?  The Paddle Boat is available for Php 300/hr.

caliraya mountain lake resort
If you prefer Kayaking, it is also available for Php 300/hr.

Animal Caring
caliraya mountain lake resort
A whole new experience for my Clarrisa and I is the Duck Feeding.  The very friendly staff taught us how to call them.  It was really fun, funny and yet, very effective.  As you can see, the ducks came swimming towards us!

caliraya mountain lake resort
We got 6 bowls of duck feed priced at Php 500.  To our amazement, the ducks peck gentle so it tickles.

Amihan Villa
caliraya mountain lake resort
You can stay at the Amihan Villa that's close to the lake for a great outdoor experience.

caliraya mountain lake resort

Amihan Villa Rates
Php 3,250 (6-8pax) Standard Villa / Night
Php 3,850 (8-10pax) Superior Villa / Night
Php 4,200 (2-4pax) Family Villa / Night

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort
Hotel Address Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines
Contact (632) 723-0781 |
(0998) 555-8394
Reservation Required Yes
Payment Options   Cash Public Transport Jeep
General Amenities •Pool
Game Room
Parking Yes
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