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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My First Flight and Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) with My Ex

Travel Tripster Kurt and I bought our plane ticket to Puerto Princesa, Palawan a year ahead.  We've been friends since we were teens and we've been together for 4 years by then so we really didn't expect we'd be breaking up the year after.   I guess as prideful as we were, we didn't want to talk to each other to cancel the trip.  So ever wonder what it's like to travel with your ex?  Now, we know and here's our story.

We only talked on the day before the flight after our break up.  We were supposed to meet at Kogi Bulgogi at 1 pm so I can treat him for lunch.  He arrived an hour late so we took a quick lunch and he paid for the rushed cab ride to the airport.  We arrived on time.  He provided his ultimatum for the trip.  No talking, no sharing and stuff.  We were there at around 5 pm for our supposedly 6 pm flight via Tiger Airways.  When we bought our tickets, we actually chose a 4 pm flight but it was moved to 5 pm and then 6 pm via email notice.  Well, turns out the flight was delayed to around 8:30 pm so we sat there for a long time.  NAIA 3 airport was not that big but I guess he made sure that we were seated as far from each other as possible.  As soon as our flight number was called, we lined up together and sat side by side still adopting the no talking rule.  I texted my mom and received a text from a friend wishing for a safe flight which made me smile and he got pissed that I wasn't paying attention to him and we talked briefly.  The flight didn't turn out to be as exciting as I thought it was.  And, I dreaded the air-pressure.  I had the window seat but since it was night time, there was nothing to see except for a few seconds of Manila city lights.  Since I was quiet, Kurt thought I was scared and held my hand.

We arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport at around 9-ish.  We got the first tricycle we saw and asked that we be brought to our hotel at House of Big Brother at Manalo Street.  That ride cost 50 php.  We presented our Agoda voucher and we got our key and breakfast stubs.  I had a high fever and flu so I wanted to have a good night sleep but he just couldn't get over sharing the room so he was frantically going and out the room ranting about how he wanted to get another room but the hotel was fully booked.  As I dosed off, I was shaken to be awake as he asked "Do you really not want to be back together?".  And, I said "No. Please go to sleep we have a lot planned ahead for tomorrow" as I got back to sleep. 

I woke up early and found him ready and seating on the lobby.  I had no idea if he had slept.  I led him to the Coffee Lounge for breakfast which he refused to have.  After an hour or so of using my fading energy due to my flu, he agreed to have some.

We had scheduled a DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) for our first day.  We're always opt for DIY and budget style.  And, I am always prepared with a detailed plan which I usually research ahead.  On our previous trips, he usually went along without knowing anything because he really doesn't care.  But as soon as we went out, he just wanted to hire a tricycle for it thereby, scratching all my efforts in a flash.  After arguing at breakfast, I really didn't have the energy to hesitate and went along.  He negotiated with Jeremy who was waiting outside our hotel a 600 php package.  Kurt wanted to switch hotels too so he brought all his baggage for this tour too.

Jeremy has a picture of the Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) destinations which I believe is a standard thing for Puerto Princesa's tourism promotion.

He took us to:
It was a long trike from Crocodile Farm to Iwahig Penal Colony so as expected Kurt was snoozing heavily.  I wanted to sleep too as I was really dizzy from flu but since we had his heavy baggage which kept on sliding as we went uphill, I couldn't as I had to push it back to its place from time to time. 

Since it was still early, we decided to go for Iwahig Firely Watching as well.  I think Kurt negotiated for a total of 1,200 php for Jeremy's services.  After that, Jeremy brought as to Balinsayaw Restaurant were we forced ourselves to finish what we separately ordered because of the no sharing policy.  Then we took a 20-php tricycle ride back to our hotel.  I guess we were both tired so he decided to just sleep instead of switching hotels too.

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