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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plaza Cuartel: Our Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) Second Stop

Just a few steps from Immaculate Conception Cathedral is the Plaza Cuartel

From its facade, Plaza Cuartel doesn't really look much.  But once you go beyond its gates, you'd be surprised with what's in store.

According to this, Plaza Cuartel is the restored ruins of an old garrison where Japanese soldiers burned around 150 American prisoners of war inside a tunnel and serves as a tragic reminder of World War II.

Despite its grim past, the plaza is really nostalgic.  Although Travel Trispter Kurt doesn't admit it, I think he loves nature as much as I do.  His shots are passionate and dramatic don't you agree?

Plants flourished in this place.  It also had old Spanish street lamps. 

 There are some monuments too.

 There's a small bridge with a mini pond.  It also has a few benches.

If only we weren't in a hurry, it would be nice to relax and chat here under the mild sunlight and cool fresh air.  

This place could even be romantic setting for a date.  Lovers can walk hand in hand by the trails and seat down on the benches for a picnic or something.

We Travel Tripsters recommend this place.  It's simple historic tribute. 

Plaza Cuartel
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