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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Puerto Princesa's Irawan Eco-Park: Canopy Zipline Adventure and More at Irawan Puerto Princesa Palawan

After our Puerto Princesa City Tour, we Travel Tripsters decided to continue the day to Puerto Princesa's Irawan Eco-Park.

puerto princesa irawan eco park
I've always identified myself as an adventure so I was quite excited to check it out.  Can't say the same for fellow Travel Tripster Kurt but he was in a good mood too. 

puerto princesa irawan eco park
So we went on to the Ticketing Office as soon as we arrived.

puerto princesa irawan eco park
Irawan Eco Park Map

puerto princesa irawan eco park

puerto princesa irawan eco park
The Ticketing Office looks like an bar counter.  We chose the activities we wanted to participate in, paid for it and was issued a receipt.  These are the Puerto Princesa's Irawan Eco-Park Activities and their respective rates:
  • Zipline Adventure 1.3 kilometers - 799 php
  • Zipline Adventure 540 meters - 499 php
  • Zipline Adventure 250 meters - 170 php
  • Skywalk Adventure - 250 php
  • River Trail Adventure and Fish Feeding - 50 php
  • Carabao Cart Ride - 35 php
  • Bee Farm Tour - 25 php
  • Jungle Survival - 250 php
  • River Massage - 500 php
  • Tarzan Swing - 100 php
  • Wall Climbing - 100 php
  • Butterfly Farm - Adult 30 php; Kids 20 php

irawan art gallery cafe
While waiting for our ride to the Activity Headquarters, we roamed around and checked out the Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery.

irawan art gallery cafe
There's a kitchen, tiled table with a wooden bench and dining tables. 

irawan art gallery cafe
Aside from an empty canvass, there are also paintings displayed and sold.

irawan tent breakfast
Just beside the waiting area, there is the Tent and Breakfast area. 

irawan tent breakfast
I thought it was kind of cute.  You're have your own tent with beddings under the hut.  There were foreigners staying there.  It looks like a group of couples.  I personally want to try it because the affordable rate of 300 php per person per night already provides a unique experience inclusive of clean showers, swiming at Irawan River, use of kitchen and refrigerator and Filipino breakfast.  We overheard the guests raving about the delicious food.  But, I know Kurt couldn't survive without a hot shower so too bad.

irawan tent breakfast
Oh, turkeys were roaming about in the area as well.

irawan eco park
After around 30-40 minutes, we were finally called for our ride.  There were two other couples with us.  We were all quiet at the start. Then, the old Australian couples greeted everyone and got us all talking except for Kurt who was quite shy.  The Australian couples were spending a few days at Puerto Princesa before they are headed to El Nido.  The American couple where around a decade older than us.  They are leaving the next day after spending a week already in Puerto Princesa.  They thought we were newly weds which made it a bit awkward for and I didn't bother checking Kurt's reaction as he was fully silent during the whole course of the bumpy ride.

irawan eco park
Soon, we arrived at the Activity Headquarters where I got geared up with helmet and safety belts for the Zipline Adventure.  Since Kurt was not participating in this one, he volunteered to carry my stuff and take my photo. 

irawan eco park
Kid's Zipline
irawan eco park

zipline adventure
Zipline Adventure (799 php/person)
I journeyed to the Zipline Adventure starting point which was around 60 steps to climb.  I was the one to try it out.  Our other companions chose the short ones.  I was given the option to choose my position: Seating or Superman.  I chose Superman because I find it more exciting.  The 1.3 kilometers maybe the longest in Asia but it isn't one single zipline.  It is composed of 3 ziplines combined.  The first one is the highest but slowest and was 914m in distance.  The second one was 300 meters.  It was faster than the first one.  The last one was only about 100 meters but really fast.  It was a lot of fun!

skyline adventure
Skywalk Adventure (250 php/person)
After my Zipline Adventure, I was back to the Adventure Headquarters where we waited for the others for another 20 minutes before heading to the Skywalk Adventure.   The Australians greeted me.   They said I looked like I had a fun time up there. 

skyline adventure
Kurt on his Skywalk Adventure
I was surprised that Kurt took on the Skywalk Adventure since he was afraid of heights.  Since our Zoom Tree Top Adventure in Eastwood Libis, he has always avoided even the simplest bridges and let me go on them alone.  But this time, he was even faster and braver than I was. 

river trail adventure fish feeding
River Trail Adventure and Fish Feeding (50 php)
We then went on to the River Trail Adventure which was a short walk across the forest to the river.  Our tour guide explained that their forest is well-maintained.  Each year all the residents plant new trees there.  Because the area is surrounded by plants, the weather is good.  They are hardly affected by typhoons and floods.  The Fish Feeding is actually a foot spa.  Kurt didn't want to try it.  He hates the tickling feelings when the fishes bite for dead skin.  I enjoyed it though. =)   I tried this once at Manila Ocean Park.  Compared to the fishes there, these are local river fishes so the experience seems mutual as I'm helping the ecological cycle at the same time I'm having my feet cleaned.  The fishes seemed hungry. =)

carabao cart ride
Carabao Cart Ride (35 php)
After that, we rode again to the Ticketing Office were a Carabao Cart was waiting for us.  I've tried a Carabao Cart Ride about 2 decades ago at Villa Escudero in Laguna.  But it was a first time for Kurt and he appears to be smiling in excitement if I spelled him correctly.  During our ride, we conversed with our Carabao Cart Ride driver.  He told us that he's been working there since it first opened.  The owner is a foreigner who was adopted by a Filipino.

irawan eco park bee farm tour
Bee Farm Tour (25 php)
Soon, we arrived at the Bee Farm for our Bee Farm Tour.

irawan eco park bee farm tourirawan eco park bee farm tour

Our Bee Farm Tour guide showed as the different products of the bees.  We also sampled some honey. 

irawan eco park bee farm tour
We then headed to the actual Bee Farm where posters showed useful information about bees.

irawan eco park bee farm tour
Kurt has been to a bee farm in Bohol.  But, it was a first for me.

irawan eco park bee farm tour
 This is where the bees make the honey.

irawan eco park bee farm tour

This is what it looks like inside the box.  After our tour, our guide shared at how pleased she is with Mayor Hagedorn

We then rode the Carabao Cart Ride back to the Ticketing Office where our tricycle Jeremy was waiting for us flashing a smile and asking us if we enjoyed the activities. 

Irawan Eco-Park
Address Brgy. Irawan Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Budget Per Person 100-1,500 php Irawan Eco-Park Map
Payment Options Cash

Operating Hours
Reservation Required No
Contact  (048) 434-1132/ 434-1658

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