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Monday, December 23, 2013

Puerto Princesa Tiangge Tiangge: Our Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) Fourth Stop

The Puerto Princesa Tiangge Tiangge was barely open when we arrived.  Our tricycle driver Jeremy tells us that this is the place to purchase souvenirs.

Although it's a huge commercial space, there were vacant stalls too.  We can't help but notice that there's a Bodato Burger there too because they have a branch at Market Market in Manila and we've tried them there.  We loved their Mushroom Burger with Cheese.
Travel Tripster Kurt and I split up so I really didn't know what he purchased. I got some shell keychains for my friends.  It was difficult to haggle since they seem to have a standard pricing.

The indoor air-conditioned area sold items at a higher price.  But, items like pearls and other accessories were more organized in terms of display.

I bought some of the 3 for 100 goodies and my family didn't like any of them so I don't recommend them.  Some of the items are not really sourced from Puerto Princesa anyway.  But, the cashew nuts I'd recommend.

I think Kurt was observing which I was buying and saw me return the Durian Chips from Davao because I found it overpriced.  When we got back to Manila, he actually gave me a back of goodies which included that Durian Chips.  I have to admit, I was a bit touched.  I know he loves surprises but I didn't think he'd still do these stuff even though he was a bit angry with me.  But, I would've appreciate more if instead of these surprises, he just treated me right.  Yet, I have to accept this is the way he shows his affection which is clearly not the same as mine.

On our last day, Kurt insisted that we go back because he wanted to buy the canned pearls.  I later found one in the bag which he gave to me too. 

The canned pearl gift set offered a fun experience in opening a shell and picking your own pearl which could be any of the color shown on the box.  I guess we're both a bit childish and love these little excitements.  I think this is cream colored which according to the box means happiness.

The Puerto Princesa Tiangge Tiangge is a great stop if you're looking for souvenirs like keychains (30 php to 100 php), pearls (20 php and above), T-shirts (100-150 php), canned pearls (100 php-150 php) and more. 

Puerto Princesa Tiangge Tiangge
Address Lacao Street in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Budget Per Person 100 and up Puerto Princesa Tiangge Tiangge Map
Payment Options

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday:
(even holidays)
10 am-9 pm

Reservation Required

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